ACCSYS has been providing Networking service solutions, since . We built hundreds of Networks across the Middle East and have developed lasting business relationships with clients across the region.

We offer four major services:

1-Network Integration Services: Our Engineers can carry out networks planning and design projects for LANs, WANs, Security Systems and Next Generation Networks.

2-System Integration Services: Our software applications specialists has carried out many projects in JAVA, C/C++, UNIX, MS and ISP.

3-Telecom Integration Services:We have specialist in public Networks applications, Microwave and Radio Systems. 

4-Site Preparation Services Unit : is a unit that is specializes in network infrastructure projects. The unit has a number of Engineers and Technicians with certifications in Civil, Fiber Optic, Structured Cabling Systems from reputable Companies such as AMP , Lucent, Ortronics, BICC and others.

Company Profile

 ACCSYS is a leading regional company in the Telecom and IT

fields. We have a history of excellent track record in a variety of technology related fields. Our core competency has always been in converting technology into solutions that are of value to our customers, owners and staff members.

 Adding value and high quality has always been a distinctive underlying philosophy of our approach. Listening to our customers needs, approaching the needs with open mind and trying  to get the best results are basic components of our success and reputation.
  ACCSYS is a knowledge centric operation. We value knowledge and its impact. We strive to manage and use this knowledge in a proper way and to share it within our organization and with our customers and partners to the advantage of all parties .In many instances we have been at the forefront of technological involvement and innovation. It is our intention to stay ahead.

Our People


Mr. Jamal Al-Ouri,

Company Owner.


Mr.Abd Alghani AlKhatib,

General Manager.


















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